Ceramic microspheres


Application: curing (so-called shot-peening), polishing, removing metallurgical and welding scale, curing surfaces, removing stress after welding and forming, giving the surface a uniform appearance
Cleaning: wet and dry
Shape: spherical
Mohs scale: 7-8
Reusable: YES
Specific density: 3,85 g/cm3
Bulk weight: 2,3 kg/l


Available sizes (mm)
0 – 0.063 B205
0 – 0.125 B125
0.010 – 0.030 B505
0.030 – 0.063 B400
0.045 – 0.090 B170
0.063 – 0.125 B120

Guarantee of quality

We offer only the original, reputable ZIRBLAST / MICROBLAST product.


Reusable synthetic abrasive of the highest quality. In Poland, it is just gaining popularity, but many professional factories have already decided on this very economical material. Ceramic balls are much longer suitable for use in abrasive recirculation systems, e.g. from glass microspheres. For this reason, it is one of the most cost-effective abrasives on the market. We offer only the original ZIRBLAST / MICROBLAST product!