Working pressure: 12 bar
Minimum pressure disruption: 36 bar
Abrasion resistant: 35 mm3
Temperature range: -35 °C do +80 °C
Available sizes: 25×7 mm

internal diameter – 25 mm

outer diameter – 39 mm


32×8 mm

internal diameter – 32 mm

outer diameter – 48 mm

Constructuin: Core: antistatic synetic / natural rubber compound


Reinforcement: 2 or 4 times textile braid


Covering: antistatic synetic / natural rubber compound, high abrasion resistance


A shot blasting hose that is perfect for connecting to any sandblasting / cleaning machine manufacturer. Built of a conductive rubber compound to ensure that static electricity is discharged. The highest abrasion resistance on the market – according to ISO 4649:2002 – 35 mm3.