Dust Collectors


Our dust collectors are manufactured to order according to investor’s guidelines.

Location: The dust collector can be placed inside and outside the hall.

Efficiency: we adapt to the size of the room and the type of abrasive.

Emission of pollutants to the atmosphere: < 4 mg/m3 according to norm.

Why is it worth investing in a dust collector??

  • Safety. A well-chosen dust collector is above all a safer workplace.
  • Comfort of work. The operator’s work in a dedusted room is definitely easier.
  • Meeting emission standards. Emission of pollutants into the atmosphere < 4 mg/m3 according to norm.
  • Modernization and production. We are building completely new ventilation systems, but we can also renovate older constructions to adapt them to current regulations.

Guarantee of quality
Our many years of experience in the production and installation of dust collectors is a guarantee of high quality!


Dust collectors and ventilation systems are used for dedusting the inside of blast rooms (or booths) during its operation. We offer dust collectors with a capacity of 1500 m3 / h.

The installation ensures that the chamber is serviced and has adequate operating conditions and visibility, and prevents dust emissions outside the chamber. We make new installations as part of turnkey construction and modernize ventilation systems adapting them to applicable regulations.

In our dust collectors we use only modern, top-quality filters – ensuring maximum efficiency and life.