Pipe diameter range 50-305 mm
Air demand 10 m3/min

Guarantee of quality
The original Clemco product.

This device is a development of Junior Hollo-Blast capabilities. To clean pipes in the diameter range 51 – 76 mm, use an unarmed device connected to the abrasive pipe with a CHE-2 fitting or a pipe with a diameter of 1¼ “and a length corresponding to a minimum of half the length of the cleaned pipe.

Cleaning pipes in a larger diameter range (76 – 127 mm) is done by mounting two rings on the device body with four sets of pins of different lengths. They allow you to position the device exactly in the axis of the pipe ensuring even cleaning of the entire surface being cleaned. The length of the dowels should be chosen according to the diameter of the pipe to be cleaned.

Cleaning pipes in the diameter range 127-305 mm takes place without rings and dowels, and using a stroller. The device body is attached to the trolley handles, and the diameter corresponding to the dimension of the cleaned pipe is set with nuts.

Two device types available: with a 12.5 mm nozzle for abrasives up to 0.72 mm granulation and with a 16 mm nozzle for abrasives up to 1.2 mm granulation.