Thompson Schmidt valve


Abrasive materials: all kinds
Can be connected to the control system: YES

Guarantee of quality
Original product from the American company Schmidt.

We recommend avoiding cheap valves from unknown manufacturers whose quality leaves much to be desired.

Why is it worth buying a Thompson Schmidt valve?

  • suitable for all types of abrasives,
  • precise dosing of abrasive,
  • reacts quickly to signals from various types of control levers.

The original Thompson Schmidt valve is a normally closed abrasive metering valve, which is known for quickly and efficiently responding to signals from pneumatic or electric deadman controls. The valve at the same time cuts off the supply of abrasive to the nozzle and closes the cleaning tank. It is possible to shut off the abrasive supply remotely, which allows the operator to stop the flow of abrasive media while ensuring a steady flow of air. This provides a quick and easy way to clean shot blasting hoses and cleaned surfaces from abrasive.